Byron Bliss

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending Boho Bliss, a Byron Bay getaway hosted by the lovely Danielle Knight and Che from Blessed Brisbane. Our house for the weekend was stunning and right across from The Pass, one of Byron’s best beaches. The weekend was full of amazing food, wine, adventures, soulful chats, self reflection and inspiration.

I feel so grateful that I got to spend time with and get to know some wonderful people that I can now call my friends. Meeting new like-minded people can be hard as adults in this day and age, but hanging with the Boho Bliss crew was just so effortless and made me realise that I should make the effort to get out there more and just say yes to opportunities that excite and feel right even if it might challenge me or feel like it’s outside of my comfort zone.

As a group we opened up to each other and felt heard and supported. We went to the beach, we woke up with yoga and oracle cards, we explored the nearby town of Bangalow, we swam under a waterfall (well some of us), we drank beers in the hot tub, we walked to the lighthouse in the rain, had cocktails at a swanky bar, mapped our desires, committed to taking action, enjoyed an impressive picnic spread in the sun and closed with a beautiful Peruvian cacao ceremony. What’s not to love about a weekend like that in beautiful Byron Bay?!

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