A night on top of the world - Mount Barney National Park

We set off for Mount Barney National Park to climb a mountain and spend a night away from people and amongst nature. The weather and the temperature were perfect for the overnight adventure. We allowed ourselves plenty of time to get to the top before sunset and enjoyed immaculate 360 degree views. There were bushfires nearby which added to the moody sunset. Once the sun went down we had a couple of visitors - Wallabies! See if you can spot one in my photos below.

Sunrise was spectacular however soon enough we were engulfed by clouds (and native bees). It was exhilarating, challenging myself to climb a mountain days after doing a different overnight hike in the lush Border Ranges NP. I learnt that when carrying everything you need on your back, every bit of weight counts. I learnt about my fitness level and what I am capable of (injuring my knee). And, I learnt that there is a lot of beauty and a lot to explore so close to home.

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